Axiado collects $10m in convertible notes

Axiado collects $10m in convertible notes

Axiado has collected $10m in the form of a convertible note from Obit Venture Partners.

Lock & Report Lost Credit/ Debit Card! ��

Lost credit card
Lost debit card
bdo debit card loss
bdo credit card loss
loss cards
loss atm cards
missplaced card
missplaced atm card
report loss atm card
report lost credit card
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X-10 Operations: Setting a New Mode of Operation for X-10 Lock

Product page:

Setting a new mode and combination for operating the X-10 lock is a simple process. The first step is to set the mode of operation, and then you can set a new combination. The X-10 has three modes of operation. They are:
• “Single Combination Mode” – The X-10 will open when one three-number combination is successfully dialed.
• “Dual Combination Mode” – Two separate combinations are required to open the X-10. Either combination may be dialed first.
• The “Supervisor/Subordinate Mode” – Two separate combinations are required. However, the Supervisor controls access of the Subordinate, therefore the Supervisor’s combination must be entered first.

1. Here’s how to set the operating mode; open the lock by dialing the current combination or combinations and retracting the bolt. To review this process refer to, “How to Open and Close an X-10 Lock”.
2. Release any container mechanisms to gain access to the change key port on the back of the lock.
3. Insert the Change Key into the change key port.
4. Dial left until the Change Key symbol appears.
5. Enter the current combination in Left-right-left sequence as if to open the lock.
6. Dial right until the symbol “SL” (“Select Mode”) is displayed.
7. Now dial left to select the mode of operation; stop on the desired number. Remember; “1” is for a single combination, “2” is for a dual combination and “3” is the Supervisor/Subordinate mode.
8. The next prompt will depend on the mode selected.

Retail positioning for major indices and Gold 11_04_23 ����

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Retail positioning for major indices and Gold 06_04_23 ��

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