Buckle partners with CMT for telematic auto insurance

Buckle partners with CMT for telematic auto insurance

Buckle, a tech-enabled financial services company, has partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), to bring its telematic platform to gig economy drivers.

How Samsara’s Vehicle Telematics Goes Far Beyond GPS Tracking

See how customers use Samsara’s best-in-class location tracking and geofencing, advanced diagnostics and maintenance, and fuel efficiency solutions to better manage their operations.

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Vehicle Telematics and Usage Based Insurance: An Overview for Policymakers

Telematics—the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to vehicles via telecommunication devices—appears likely to have a significant impact on traditional insurance models in the years ahead. Telematics, for example, allows for the measurement of actual driving habits based on a vehicle’s real-time driving data. This non-partisan and non-advocative webinar examines how the technology works, how telematics is impacting insurance models and products and how public policymakers are considering the myriad questions and challenges this innovation presents.

Should I Install Telematics Devices in My Car?

Telematic devices are used by auto insurance companies with the offer of a potential discount on drivers insurance premiums. Attorney Ben Schwartz weighs in on this topic. See the full blog post here: http://www.schwartzandschwartz.com/telematic-devices/

Using Telematics To Make Roads Safer, Reduce Accidents And Lower Insurance Costs RSG228

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In this episode, I’m chatting with Ryan McMahon and Ahbi Butchibabu from Cambridge Mobile Telematics, which is behind a lot of data collection in the insurance industry, including driver safety and more. Driving rideshare can be dangerous – we are incentivized to drive longer, maybe even faster, and sometimes in inclement weather. I’ll chat with Ryan and Ahbi about what CMT does, practical advice for drivers, and more.

0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – What does CMT do?
9:10 – How does the technology work?
11:53 – Advice for drivers
15:13 – Balancing preferences vs. safety
16:23 – What should drivers focus on?
24:52 – Opportunities for improvements to insurance
28:57 – Dash cam benefits
31:30 – Recommended Apps for safer driving and fuel savings
35:33 – What is next for CMT?

For more info on CMT: https://www.cmtelematics.com/

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