Raisin picks up €30m for deposits marketplace

Raisin picks up €30m for deposits marketplace

Berlin-based banking deposit marketplace Raisin has closed €30m in a Series C funding round led by US VC Thrive Capital. Ribbit Capital and Index Ventures also participated.

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DAX Fridays! #31: Rounding Time, Prices and Numbers with DAX

In today’s DAX Fridays video I will show you how to round time, prices and numbers using ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, INT, TRUNC, ODD, EVEN, MROUND, FLOOR and CEILING.

Rounding numbers, time and prices is a very useful skill as it will give you more control of your dataset and the accurancy in which your numbers are presented.

00:00 Intro
01:01 Round to the nearest number with ROUND
02:37 Round up to the nearest number with ROUNDUP
03:16 Round down to nearest number with ROUNDDOWN
04:11 Round down prices to the nearest integer with INT
05:00 Remove decimals from the number with TRUNC
05:48 Round up to the nearest odd number using ODD
06:11 Round down to the nearest odd number using ODD
07:43 Round prices to the nearest 0.05 of a euro cent with MROUND
08:58 Round down prices to the nearest 0.05 of a euro cent with FLOOR
09:23 Round up prices to the nearest 0.05 of a euro cent with CEILING
10:56 Round time to the nearest hour with MROUND
11:45 Round up time to the nearest 15 minutes with CEILING
12:31 Round down time to the nearest 15 minutes with FLOOR

Link to Power BI file used in the video: https://curbal.com/blog/glossary/round-dax

EXCEL SURVEY: https://1drv.ms/xs/s!Ar8CDNp8cGTcgjaHonN82T8I1jQT

PREVIOUS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbQbQBX2T8A

Looking for a download file? Go to our Download Center: https://curbal.com/donwload-center

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California Raisins Commercial (1986)

Classic California Raisins television commercial. (1986)

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